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Glodose is a 2011 PTPA Media Winning Product!

PTPA Media's Parent Evaluator Testimonials about Glodose:

Considering that colds and flu were a regular thing at our house this past year, I was more than happy to try this product. I hated getting up and turning on lights in the middle of night to see the dosage and see giving it to my kids. I LOVE this product. it is easy to use, easy to clean and the light is fabulous. Try it, buy it. I LOVE it.

The medicine dropper was ideal for night time! It worked beet with my older daughter as it fit in her tylenol bottle If you are a parent that uses droppers frequently, I would TOTALLY recommend this product and the light is great in the dark! Great price, durable and easy to clean.

The glodose is a great product. The measurements are clear and the light makes it easy to ensure you are giving your child the correct dose without disturbing them too much at night.

I believe that this product is a must for every household with small kids.

I really enjoyed the light part of it. I usually have to leave the bathroom light on while i go into my babies room to administer the meds but this made it so that the room could stay as dark as possible, almost not interrupting sleep.

This product is great! The tube is solid, well marked with the medicine lines (5ml, etc.) and the light was easy to turn on and off.

It was very effective, the glodose cast a very soft light therefore enabling you to see that you are giving the correct dose. It also has enough light that you are able to see your child's face ensuring that they took the medication.

I have used other droppers but none have had a light. They have been clouding not allowing you to ensure that the does you are giving your child is correct. They have not been easy to clean as not all of them come apart. The glodose is clear and easy to clean. The measurements are also simple and clear not a lot of little lines which sometimes makes it difficult to read.

Please submit any reviews about Glodose to us at info@glodose.com. We welcome your feedback.

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Benefits of using GloDose®

  • No light disturbance... No more disturbing your child at night by turning the lights on!
  •  No leaving the room to measure.
  •  Your child peacefully returns to sleep.
  • A safer way of dosing at night, which lowers the risks of underdosing or overdosing.